3-Day Self-Esteem Reboot



I consider myself an empowered woman. I have worked on my self-esteem and have become a high functioning empowered woman. I am confident in my abilities. I inspire others to follow their passions. I am not afraid to fail because I know the art of in learning from my failures. I have a great support system. I love myself. I do not compare myself to others. I go after what I want and for the most part 2019 has been good to me thus far. Soooo, why do I feel not so great. I think I need to press reset. I need a reboot. A self-esteem REBOOT! Join me June 1st for 30 days while I give you tips on how to boost your self-esteem and get out of that rut. From time to time, you have to remind yourself of how great you really are. Life has a way of throwing obstacles your way that will have you feeling down. Every once in awhile we need to recharge. I have just the right tips for you.

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