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 Summer Empowerment Camps are held during the summer for girls ages 8-14 years old.  Our 'I Have Value-I Have Worth' camps are sure to boost your child's self-esteem.  We tackle topics such as body image, problem solving, conflict resolution, using your voice, having a personal mission statement and so much more.  Campers will learn about public speaking, social skills/etiquette, healthy friendships and relationships and so much more.  Campers will enjoy field trips and guest speakers.


Empowerment Tours are events that caters to the mind, body, and soul of the person.  We bring motivational speakers, and empowerment coaches to your city, church, or school to empower and inspire your group to begin or continue to live their best life.  We will create an event just for you and your attendees.  Under this program we have Empowerment Sessions, Empowerment Parties, Vision Board Parties, etc.  You give us your theme and mission and we do the rest. Our 2019 End Bullying Campaign is a program for students that helps build self-esteem and confidence that will lead to the decrease and end of bullying.


Dreamers Preparatory is a one week mentoring program designed to facilitate young girls ages 8-17 pursuit of their dreams. Women from different fields will share their journey in an effort to teach and guide our dreamers.  Participants will be given practical tools they can use from now on up until adulthood all while learning how to increase their self esteem, confidence and entrepreneurial skills. 



Girls ages 8-14 will enjoy an intimate, safe space where they will explore the meaning of knowing their worth. As the journey back to school begins, girls will learn about social etiquette, social skills, how to navigate social media safely, peer pressure, friendship building and what they should value in today’s world. All while relaxing and having fun! This will be an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Location will be provided once registration is completed.

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WeCare – Ready for Excellence,

a division of 1st Lady Empowerment Foundation, Inc. providing a safe environment for persons with intellectual disabilities, while offering services that will encourage and foster an excellent way of living through high quality services and respect for all residents under our care.