We were really impressed by the Dreamers Preparatory program! There was an amazing line up of speakers from various professional backgrounds teaching life lessons and encouraging the girls to follow their dreams. My daughter came home each day excited to tell us about what she'd learned and how she could apply it to her life. Dreamer's Preparatory allowed her to really consider the possibilities that lie ahead of her in life. She loved it so much that she said she wishes there was an after school program for her to attend every day.

The founder, Karlecia, was very responsive to all questions and concerns I had before and during the Fall program. I felt the location of the program was central and convenient. I would definitely recommend this program to parents who want their daughters involved in a program that encourages self love, self exploration, self care, and to follow their dreams.  - Parent, C. Smith

I learned that I have value and worth. - Skylar, 8

My favorite thing about Dreamers Preparatory is becoming bigger dreamers - Olivia, 11

The best thing I loved about Dreamers Preparatory was the food. - Naomi, 9

My favorite thing about Dreamers Preparatory was learning all the new things from all the speakers. - Taryn, 10

I like everything. - Ekua, 10

I learned a lot this week.  Thank you for doing this for us. - Anonymous, 15

We need more programs like this. - Parent

Awesome job. - Parent

Speaking My Truth

On July 22, 2017, I had the privilege of speaking to women of all ages and background who all had a common theme.  We were all beautifully broken in some way shape or form.  When I was asked by Tresha Williams to be one of the women of the Beautifully Broken, Broken But Fixable Brunch, I accepted right away and felt honored to be amongst such beautiful women.  Almost immediately I started second guessing myself.  Asking myself, what do I share? What should I keep to myself? In the planning phase, Tresha planned a photoshoot for all the ladies to take part in.  Meeting the other ladies was so inspiring.  I felt connected immediately.  It was something about these ladies that encouraged and empowered me. They will probably never know the impact they have had on me in just the short time we were together.  When it was time to prepare, I asked God to tell me what I should talk about.  I then wrote out several different speeches but none of them felt right for this particular event. (Side note: Those other speeches are dope for other conferences, so email me for your next seminar, workshop, conference, etc. - shameless plug).  After much contemplation, I decided to just let the words flow on that day. As I stepped up to the podium, I carried my journal book with me.  I was scared out of my mind.  How could I be unprepared in front of a room full of women seeking to be inspired.  However, it came to me, just speak your truth.  I spoke my truth about living a mundane life, dating, and more all because of low self-esteem.  I spoke on the things I felt was necessary for that moment and for me to say out loud.  I will forever be grateful to Tresha for being obedient and courageous to host this event.  I am beautifully broken, broken but fixable.